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Dealer-FX provides a premium, fully integrated, end-to-end SmartPath solution that transforms Toyota service drives across the nation.

The Promise of SmartPath is Clear.
So is Your Choice of Partner.

Our teams create software, but our strategic advantage is change management. 

In reality, we’re consultants more than coders, leveraging years of Fixed Ops experience to give every customer the added confidence to grasp new opportunities.

We inherently understand the operational pressures facing Fixed Ops today – high turnover, lack of skilled technicians, the demands of rapidly shifting customer expectations and more. 

Our depth of experience informs every solution we create, backed by customer service and support that ensures successful adoption and high ROI.

How SmartPath Service Delivers

About Dealer-FX

It gives the people what they want.

This digital platform from Toyota and Dealer-FX offers an all-in-one solution for dealers and customers to stay on top of service needs together.

Builds credibility

Creates transparency

Cultivates trust


What a leading Toyota dealer has to say about Dealer-FX:

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Choose the best. Choose Dealer-FX.

Dealer-FX isn't just one of the certified partners — it's THE ONE.

Let's get the powerful promise of SmartPath working for you!

““From the time the vehicle makes an appointment, pulls onto the drive, has a walkaround, dispatched into the shop, the MPI done, and the results given to the customer – it’s the only tool I’ve ever worked with that’s capable of doing it all-in-one, proficiently.

 Dealer-FX has made our business more profitable with the capability to move things faster.”

Cindy Lentz, Parts, Service & Body Shop Director
Germain Toyota of Naples

Exclusive Snap-on Integration

Experience a service drive that drives itself.

With SmartPath Service, checking in and out happens right on the drive – no paperwork, no printers, no waiting.

Access to Dealer Portal & Service Lane Portal

Everything on one screen – no copying & pasting

Reduces foot traffic & write-up time

It’s a win for your dealership and your customers.

SmartPath Service keeps your customers engaged not only for their current appointment, but for the next.

Choose service advisors & build relationships

Appointment reminders & changes via text, email, or mobile

Electronic MPI with videos of vehicle service needs

SmartPath from Dealer-FX provides an exclusive advantage that no other vendor can:
The Snap-on Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC-5) and Mitchell1 ProDemand.

Parts easily transfers picklists directly into the MPI. Quotes are generated more accurately.
Cycle times are accelerated. Technician productivity soars, as they spend more time in the bay. 


Share a Discovery Call

Your business is unique.  Dealer-FX SmartPath service demos are delivered with this in mind.  Share a brief call with us, and we'll ensure you get a customized demo experience that fits your needs.

Provides an intelligent, transparent, and seamlessly integrated omnichannel experience

Streamlines workflow, optimize service efficiency, and accelerate customer communication

 Leverages a depth of integrations - including exclusive Snap-on EPC - unmatched by competitors

Prefer a phone call?  Talk to us right away:

(877) 493-0039

A True End-To-End Software Solution

From scheduling to pickup, this system is built to deliver an efficient, transparent, best-in-class experience for both dealer and customer. 

Added-Value Dealer-FX Advantages

Total Service Marketing

Perfectly timed, highly personalized email and text marketing campaigns, all proactively managed by a team of digital marketing experts and a custom design studio.

Blueprint BDC

Build your BDC with qualified people. Maximize ROI from your existing team. Maintain performance with coaching. Whatever Blueprint specialty you choose, get a custom program to deliver on the KPIs most important to you.

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SmartPath Advantages

No matter the challenge, the answer's always the same:

Why SmartPath?

Today’s fixed ops professional is simultaneously facing their single largest challenge and largest opportunity.

The challenge? How to retain not only valued customers, but expert technicians. The opportunity? How to gain revenue share from a vehicle pool that’s aging at an unprecedented rate. That’s why Toyota introduced SmartPath for Service.

For the dealer, the right SmartPath solution is all about adding efficiencies to every process, from smarter shop loading to faster cycle times that boost technician productivity and hours booked. For the customer, advanced digital tools enhance transparency and connectivity to deliver a best-in-class service experience.

Introducing dramatic NEW enhancements to SmartPath!

The best service lane software in the industry continues to get better!
New advancements to SmartPath powered by Dealer-FX now transform your daily operations by streamlining workflows, easing decision-making, and empowering staff expertise — all designed to grow and adapt with your dealership.

Intuitive graphical interface with start-to-finish tracking

Superior DMS integration with bi-directional data flow

Centralized command center hosting all critical functions

Reduced repetitive clicks, manual steps, and duplicate data entry

Digital MPI with customizable templates & expanded media

Responsive design across desktop, tablet, and mobile